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You can support us in various ways. Here are some of them.


You want to support us with a single or recurring donation? You can do this in one of these ways. Please write "free3 donation" as the purpose of your transaction. We are also thankful for crypto currency. The money goes towards operation, maintenance and development of the platform. Thank you so much!

Bank transfer
Recipient Hagen Grell Web und Medien
IBAN DE38860555921090163610
Bank Sparkasse Leipzig
via Link
via EMail [email protected]
Address 1LeebMVtXGvky19AcoYAzuZaqdEhQe6gzn

Free3 stands on its own. And the Silicon Valley censorship waves of the last months will support free3 as a platform with a strong tailwind. However with a bigger team and a solid marketing budget we would be able to accomplish even more in an even shorter amount of time. That's why we're open to investors joining the operation. If you're interested yourself or if you want to draw the attention of a potential investor to free3, please contact us via [email protected]

Creator Partner

As a creator partner you help free3 become a significant media platform. From now on we will give you 10 hours of video to upload every month for free. We will also be able to offer lucrative partner programs in the near future. At the moment this offer also stands for media creators with 1000 subscribers or more on other platforms or on their free3 pinboard series. Request your very own free3 channel now!


The grapevine is still the most reliable medium of spreading information. If you want to help free3 without any costs and little amount of effort, please consider recommending us to your friends, family and acquaintances! Share our links, invite media creators to join free3 and encourage your social circle to replace Facebook with free3. Thank you deeply to all of you who help us grow! And if you need help, just get in touch with our support team