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Our team

Free3 is a growing community of media creators from the realms of journalism, entertainment, humor, philosophy, science, history and more. Our audience consists of people from every age group and societal background. Free3 was founded as a secure alternative to YouTube, but quickly developed to become a diverse platform which combines functionality of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Our team consists of capable programmers, friendly customer service, creatives and admins whose work in the background is the backbone of our platform.

The founding

In the last 10 years the world changed dramatically. Legacy media lost their integrity, public discourse was replaced by online squabble. The schism between politics, media and society got bigger and bigger. First it looked as if social media would be the answer to this division. Facebook offered people from every class of society to build an online presence of millions of readers. On YouTube an avant garde of artists, journalists and commentators outstripped the mainstream very quickly. And on Twitter celebrities and the forgotten of society met on eye level to discuss. This was the golden age of social media. This age ended with the big campaign of political correctness and censorship since 2015.

In 2017 censorship had already gotten to an alarming level. This prompted the founder of free3 Hagen Grell, a German journalist and web developer, to launch the free3 platform project. Users were to have freedom again to choose which media they would consume or whom to become friends with and talk to digitally.

Become active!

Today we are proud to present this platform to you! And we want to invite you to actively participate. We did the first step with the help of idealistic supporters, who are immortalized in our "Hero's Hall" forever. Do you want to become part of our community?


Can I upload videos on free3?

Yes, you can upload videos to free3. Usually in HD Ready 720p, for Premium studios in 1080p also. The video upload is limited however to partner studios. Here you can learn more on how to become a partner. As a young platform we don't have the financial background to defend against copyright infringements like the uploading of Hollywood movies. That's why video upload is only permitted for partners

Is free3 located in Germany?

free3 is German workmanship. And free3 is constantly developed from Germany. However, the political situation in Germany is delicate: New platforms can be fined to the tune of millions due to the "NetzDG" law. Free speech is politically reinterpreted and criminalized as hate speech. Is is not viable to have a company as a platform provider in Germany anymore. Our provider company is therefore located in Hungary and is named Kolibri Felhők Média Kft. (Hummingbird Cloud Media Ltd.). This German-Hungarian partner company is under our total control and legal in German as well as in Hungarian and EU law.

Is the domain frei3.de in danger?

Yes and No. Because of the delicate political situation in Germany (see "Is free3 located in Germany?") frei3.de could be in danger of being shut down by censors of the German government. But because no such shutdown has been seen yet this danger can be seen as small for now. However should frei3.de be shut down the platform can always be accessed via free3.tv which is an equivalent alias, like another door to the same house.

Is free3 international?

Yes. Free3 is available in German and English at the moment. You can choose languages in the side navigation on the left. If you don't choose a language the standard language of your browser will be used. By the way, free3 is also accessible via free3.tv which is an equivalent alias, like another door to the same house.

How is free3 financed?

Free3 needs donations at the moment, so we work with a small team and very cost efficient. Soon we will welcome advertisers and offer premium products to customers. We are open to investors who share the same values of true freedom of speech. If you want to know more read here

Was there misappropriation during the first crowdfunding campaign for free3?

No. From March 13th 2018 to May 1st we collected about 68.000 Euros in our crowdfunding campaign from about|||850 generous donors|||for free3. This money completely went into the development of free3. As of the end of 2020 programming and maintenance of free3 cost about 200.000 Euros. The development unfortunately was not as fast as we hoped and promised, so competitors saw an opportunity to start a smear campaign againts free3 and promote their own niche platforms in the process. In hindsight it is easy to see that these accusations were false and slanderous, for example see these sources: [1:dp] [2:td] [3:an] [4:fdw]

Which values does free3 represent? Left or Right?

Free3 represents freedom of speech and the obligation for lawfulness for the governments and citizens alike. The executives and programmers have political opinions but we won't be coopted by any political, religious or idealogical movement or institution. On free3 everyone can have their voice and say loudly and clearly what they think. The minimal condition however is that they abide by our common sense rules and terms of service. There will be no censorship. We will also fight every attempt of governments to censor but if we fail we will be fully transparent about it.

Does the world need a free3?

Yes, we believe so. Ocasionally we are confronted with the argument that there are already more than enought alternative social media platforms like Odysee (USA), BitChute (GB), DLive (China), Parler (USA) and Gab (USA). free3 therefore might be superfluous. Let's look at an analogy: There are more than enough car manufacturers in the USA, Korea and Japan to supply the whole world with cars. Should therefore no German car manufacturer be allowed to exist because the Americans can provide every human being with a car already? Choice is the backbone of a market economy, through choice there's freedom of decision. We hope to provide a great many people with a great product to establish ourselves as a medium size competitor in the social media market.